Artsy Fartsy File Folders

Artsy Fartsy File Folders



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I’ve made many of these Artsy Fartsy File Folders for my Art Studio.

They make me happy.  I’m just not a plain manilla kind of person.  I use these file folders to keep my very special projects in like:

ideas for my vision board

things I’m dreaming about

an upcoming art fair

special project ideas and more.  

I’ve even given them as gifts.  My girlfriends can’t believe the creativity and say they get a lot of compliments  🙂


Prepping the File Folders

Background papers can be found on My Etsy Site: RobinLiefeldCreates


  • I start by gluing down some old book paper to add interest and texture (see my supply list for the perfect glue). I have some kits filled with lots of interesting ephemera on Etsy.  I did all the collecting work for you! Bonus:  you get a free Artsy Fartsy File Folder made by me!


  • Then I grab some thick white paint and cover the outside front of the file folder.  I like to rub it all over with a paper towel  to give it more of a random, gauzy effect.



Artwork for the Middle of the File Folder



  • Now you can go a few different ways with the next step.  Get creative!  Break out your art supplies, watercolor pencils or photocopies of your own artwork!  I collage on some inspirational pictures I love, photos, or my own artwork in the middle.  You could also write words like:

To Do

You’ve Got This

You Are Brave Enough

Find a list of the exact supplies I used here.


Finishing Touches

  • To finish it off with a border, I grabbed my sewing machine.  I know it sounds crazy to sew on a file folder, but it’s totally easy to do, and gives it such a cool look.  I used black thread and went around a couple of times, trying not to be very neat about it.

Version 2

  • Spray it will a matte sealer to set the paint and to keep the artwork from running if it gets wet.


You Can Do This!


Go ahead, try this at home.  You will love the results.  When you like how they look, make a dozen by doing an assembly line system.  Don’t forget to let things dry in between steps.  Have fun!


Post pics of your masterpiece on Facebook to share with us!