Speaking Topics

Are you looking for a speaker?  Here are some of the topics that I write, speak, and teach about:

The Journey Workshop – In Person and Online This is a one-time workshop that includes teaching, journaling, and art. The art is easy-peasy, and women of all skill levels will find it rewarding. The topic is the journey each woman takes from childhood to adulthood. This includes peeling away the untruths we have accumulated, looking at some of the stories we tell ourselves, helping remember who we are in God’s eyes, and living from that place of truth, worthiness, and authenticity. This workshop is geared toward Christian women ages 18 and up, married, single, divorced, in healthy or complicated relationships. It includes Scripture in an easy-to-grasp, nonjargon-y approach. We will talk about the Journey each woman takes in her life. Each “leg” of the journey will include a fun teaching time, then some reflective time writing in our journals, then creating some art that you will be able to take home with you and use as reminders and guideposts for your future journeys.

  Testimonials for “The Journey Workshop”: “Robin creates a safe, love-filled space to explore and play creatively.” – Diane “So unbelievably better than I expected. Truly amazing and cathartic.” – Penny “Your passion for art and God shine through and I could listen for hours.” – Sara “I enjoyed combining deep thinking with creative release.” – Diana “I am inspired now to set these truths more firmly in my heart. Thank you for the inspiration!” – Patricia “It was a very meaningful time and a creative way to address the issues of our lives that often impede our walk with the Lord.” –Cheryl “Thank you! Saturday was such a holy moment. Little by little, layers were being pulled back, allowing the truth to come up to the Light. Your words, and who you are, created a safe atmosphere for us to take a deeper look at our lives. It’s given me so much to mull over, consider, and re-examine.” – Kay

Forgiveness Workshop In this Forgiveness Workshop we will explore different types of Forgiveness. Sometimes I struggle with letting go of the wounds I carry caused by someone else. Grudge holding often feels good for a time – but when I don’t deal with them they fester and take on a life of their own.   Let’s explore: 1) What it means to be forgiven by our Heavenly Father. 2) We will also look at the wounds that we lug around with us from others and learn how to truly forgive – and make it stick. 3) Another important piece of this puzzle is looking at our own stuff, learning how to be kind to ourselves, and forgive ourselves. We will ask, “What is the story we tell ourselves about this event?”

Infertility, Adoption, Foster Parenting Robin talks about the exciting and often painful journey of growing your family in different ways other than birth children. Tackle the grief and get some strategies for coping. Discover how to find joy in the journey!

Including Margins on the Pages of My Life Are you doing too much? Can’t say No? There are so many needs and opportunities today. Women often find themselves trying to do too much and as result end up either over-doing it or under-doing it. Robin will help you discover what your passions are and then follow them with your whole heart! Find out how to be great at a couple of things instead of mediocre at everything.

How to Handle the Turkeys in Our Lives Are you in a toxic relationship?  Robin gives practical advice on what do to about those difficult people in our lives who steal our joy.  Whether it is your co-worker, spouse, parents, sibling, or even a friend – find out ways to take back your control and your joy.  Learn how to forgive, move on, and thrive!

How Are You Doing … Really -How are you doing as a Spouse? -How are you doing as a Parent? -Is Your Life Making a Difference? -How are you doing with God?

Socially Acceptable Addictions -Addicted to Power -Addicted to Pleasure -Addicted to Activity -Addicted to Performance -Addicted to Approval

Exit Interviews (Revealing Stories of Why People are Leaving the Church) -Case Studies -The Back Door -What Churches Can Do -You’ll Never Find the Perfect Church

The Five Love Languages Taking a fresh look at the classic book written in 1992 and practically decoding it for your life. With over 10 MILLION COPIES SOLD, The Five Love Languages has transformed countless relationships.

Wild Kingdom Celebrating all kinds of personality types!  This is a light-hearted series with powerful truths reflecting on Psalm 139. God know us perfectly and completely.  We will delve into specific personalities and temperaments to celebrate our differences.  In a family, in church, at work, all these personalities meshing together are a tremendous benefit and a great gift to us.

The 3 Chairs Spiritual Breakthroughs – Where do you sit with God? If you are a Christian, you’ve sat in one of three different chairs. This series will give you a clear awareness of where you are spiritually and how to move to a different chair. You may be shocked at how your chair choice influences the lives around you. We will be examining three key relationships in life: our marriage, our family, and our relationship with God.  


Feel Free to Contact me for more information or if there is something special you are interested in that is not on this list.

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